Monday 3 November 2008

Finding Nino A sea change in Italy Wins the Australian Society of Travel Writer’s Best Travel Book Award 2008

Travel journalist Marc Llewellyn has won a top award at the Australian Society of Travel Writer's Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence held in Shanghai on Sunday 26 October. Llewellyn walked away with the Best Travel Book Award 2008 for his highly-praised travelogue Finding Nino – A Sea Change in Italy published by HarperCollins Publishers.

Finding Nino tells the tale of Llewellyn's decision to move from Australia with his wife, newborn child and dog, and take up a new life on the island of Lipari, one of the Islands of the Winds that float off northern Sicily.

Intimate and honest, Finding Nino is a travelogue like no other, presenting the good, the bad and the reality of what it means to leave it all behind.

On the surface Finding Nino is a story about a major sea change but it's also about love, the search for home, coming to terms with who you really are, learning to become truly self-sufficient, and finding out what really matters in life.

Finding Nino is essential reading for Italophiles, armchair travellers and anyone who has dreamed of getting a life.

The Australian Society of Travel Writers is made up of more than 300 travel writers, travel editors, and associated travel-related public relations professionals.

Finding Nino is available in all good bookshops or order a signed and dedicated copy from

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