Wednesday 11 August 2010

New and Upgraded displays at Australia War Memorial

Dingo scout car
Dingo Scout Car, Studebaker, Carley Float and so many stories

A rare and previously unseen Australian armoured vehicle, the Dingo scout car, and a captured German Flak 38 anti-aircraft gun are now on display in the new-look Second World War Galleries of the Australian War Memorial.

New items have been added and a number of displays have been upgraded with audiovisual presentations including the HMAS Sydney and Kokoda Campaign, while iconic items such as the German K├╝belwagen will return to display.

Additional new items include Australian Breda anti-aircraft gun used in the siege of Tobruk, unique Chevrolet lorry, a civilian Studebaker sedan with its producer gas unit and an Anderson Air Raid Shelter.

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