Monday 14 November 2011

Explore Sydney’s waterways this summer

Did you know that Sydney is home to six unique Harbours? If you’re familiar with the delights of Sydney Harbour itself why not explore a little further afield this summer and discover what’s on offer in the city’s lesser known waterways such as Pittwater, Port Hacking and Botany Bay.

•The Sydney Harbour Circle Walk is the ideal outdoor summer pursuit. Take on the challenge of the 59km track which runs between Sydney Harbour Bridge and Gladesville Bridge, and experience Sydney’s coastal lifestyle at its best. Spread the walk over four days or simply choose sections at leisure catching public transport in between. Soak up the sun and cool off with a dip in sparkling waters along the way.

•Charter a yacht from AusSail and explore the secluded waterways of Pittwater. Try a bareboat charter for you and seven mates, leaving you in charge of sailing the yacht. Explore pristine bays, excellent fishing spots and even meander up the Hawkesbury River and moor overnight in a secluded cove.

•If you prefer to stay on dry land, Clareville Boathouse is a great option located on the idyllic and protected beachfront of Refuge Cove. Part of the Contemporary Hotels group, the Boathouse has its own jetty and scenic views across Pittwater.

•Heading south from Sydney, try a new Freedive Safari with Scooter Safari. Freedivers go wherever scuba divers can but on a single breath of air. Learn the techniques of freediving and dive deeper than you’ve ever been on a single breath allowing you to swim, explore the reef and admire the sea life around Bundeena and Port Hacking.

•The nearby Royal National Park boasts an incredible wealth of bird life including seabirds such as the wandering albatross. Take a guided bird watching tour with acclaimed author Steve Anyon-Smith and Royal Coast Walks and try spotting some of the more than 300 bird species that have been recorded within the park boundaries – which puts the Royal National Park on par with larger parks such as Yellowstone and Kakadu.

•Audley Boatshed is a great place to hire a row boat or kayak and explore Kangaroo Creek and the Hacking River in the Royal National Park. Afterwards stop in at the new Audley Café, which opens later this month, at the visitor information centre.

•Take a dip in one of the ocean pools in Port Hacking at Yowie Bay, Gymea Bay or Lilli Pilli. The Lilli Pilli tidal pool is an excellent spot for an early morning dip and make sure you take your goggles as you’ll be swimming with whiting, yellow fin bream and flathead.

•Tucked inside Cape Banks, the northern headland at the entrance to Botany Bay, Cruwee Cove is a walk-in beach with superb snorkelling right off the beach and towards Cape Banks itself. This inlet is managed by Sydney University Centre for Research on the Ecological Impacts of Coastal Cities. The marine species found here include colourful sponges and kelp gardens, groper, moray eel, cuttlefish, red morwong, wobbegong and maori wrasse. Access is by foot only via the Henry Head walking trail that begins off Anzac Parade.

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