Thursday 26 March 2015

Free Guided Tour or a Romantic Moonlight Tour at Seoul's Royal Palaces

Visitors to Seoul can enjoy many free special events at Seoul's royal palaces and shrines in 2015 as well as experience true royal cuisine at some of the newly certified restaurants in Seoul. The royal palaces are spectacular in Springtime. In the coming months of April and May the cherry, apricot, royal azalea and peony blossoms are at their best and the palaces are picture perfect.

The 2015 Palace Culture Calendar details the many events taking place at the royal palaces and shrines in Seoul in the coming year. Visitors can not only enjoy free guided tours and changing of the guards ceremonies but enjoy special cultural event experiences like traditional tea ceremonies, enjoy traditional Korean music at the palaces, palace literary tours, special open nights and a romantic moonlight tour at Changdeok Palace including traditional music performances and snacks.

As the main palace of the Joseon dynasty, Gyeongbok Palace is the largest of the five royal palaces of the dynasty and Changdeok Palace is widely admired for having preserved the original beauty and scenic natural surroundings including its serenely beautiful Secret Garden.

Visitors can also experience royal ancestral ritual ceremonies at Jongmyo Royal Shrine and night performances of royal ancestral ritual music. As the royal shrine of Joseon dynasty, Jongmyo enshrines the memorial tablets of Joseon's kings and queens.

The general admission cost to Seoul's four royal palaces and Jongymyo Royal Shrine only costs between 1,000-3,000 Korean won (A$1.20-$3.50)

After visiting a royal palace why not enjoy a meal fit for a King and experience the royal cuisine of the Joseon dynasty. With a six hundred year history royal cuisine is the essence of Korean food culture. Korea Tourism Organization has recently selected seven traditional restaurants that serve royal cuisine menus that have been inherited over generations.

Enjoy a royal banquet in traditional Korean surroundings like Seokparang, the villa of Heungseon Daewongun, who was a politician and father of King Gojong, the last king of the Joseon dynasty. Samcheonggak which features beautiful natural surroundings and traditional architectural style called hanok (Korean house) is a very popular place for a royal feast and film location for TV dramas.

If you are planning on travelling to Seoul this year and wish to experience life as a King or Queen of Korea's past then request your free 2015 Palace Culture Calendar and Royal Cuisine certified restaurant guides by email: or go to and request brochures online.

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