Friday 26 June 2015

Sydney’s best nature play program is back and hunting for poo this winter!

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The Banksia Buddies ‘Poo Detectives’ in week one of the upcoming school holidays will teach children aged 3 to 5 years about food chains and discover what the animals of Centennial Park eat by looking at the ‘unmentionable’!

Week 2 focuses on weather and kites. Children witness a cloud made in a bottle, sculpt clouds using shaving cream and make and decorate their own kites to fly in the park.

“You can learn a lot from poo, such as what an animal eats, how much it eats and how much it drinks. Children will work out what creature left a little present in the shed by dissecting a sterilised pellet,” said Cordelia Hough, Banksia Buddies founder and teacher.

“Kids will also hold a 100 million year old fossil dinosaur poo, make a scratch and sniff painting and role-play with a food market. Each of the Banksia Buddies sessions involve a short presentation, story and song followed by free play and craft so the kids are really engaged throughout and most of all have lots of fun.”

Banksia Buddies is now one of Sydney’s best nature play programs for early year’s children, which run every Tuesday and Thursday during the school holidays, which kicks off next Tuesday 30 June 2015.

The Banksia program offerings are growing these school holidays with Banksia Babies and Banksia Buddies meets My Little Ponies launching in Centennial Park next week.

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