Sunday 20 September 2015

Goulburn Spyfest - Meet George Lazenby

Tickets are now available for the Special Agents Gala Dinner as part of SPYfest, on in Goulburn late September.

Tickets are available to purchase online at

The city is set to host the inaugural SPYfest this September. The epicentre of espionage will be the Special Agents Gala Dinner happening on the evening of Saturday 26.

George Lazenby as James Bond in OHMSS
Goulburn’s Veolia Arena will be the location of the Gala dinner - the first event of its kind to be held at the venue - hosting world-class entertainment, special guests and sponsors of SPYfest.

Chris de Havilland, as his alias Sir Sean, will be the evenings emcee. Sir Sean will be accompanied by Miss Moneypenny, who will be performing all of the classic bond songs.

More musical entertainment in the form of Dame Shirley Bassey, with smooth honeyed tones and a glamorous eight piece orchestra, will be sure to delight attendees when Jennifer Green performs her ‘Strictly Bassey’ show.

The Special Agents Gala Dinner will be the first time that Veolia will be used for a gala dinner. The arena will be decorated to a tee for the occasion, with the help of detailed sound and lighting tests, ensuring the evening will go off without a hitch.

SPYfest celebrations of all things spy will continue across the weekend. The festival of events will feature spy demonstrations, a parade, an author forum and city-wide game of ‘iSPY’.

The inaugural festival was inspired by George Lazenby, the only Australian thus far to play James Bond on screen, born and raised in Goulburn.

Keep up to date with the ever-increasing program of events and list of participants by visiting or by following the event on Facebook or Twitter.

George Lazenby will be returning to his hometown for the entire weekend and will be making an appearance at several of the SPYfest celebrations, including the Gala Dinner, hosting an autograph signing and press-conference.

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