Tuesday 23 August 2016

Europe river cruising deals

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The slow travel movement might very well have its roots in river cruising. The gentle undulation of the river is an ideal way to meander through the continent, following the rich history and changing landscape of Europe at a more meaningful pace.
The famous rivers of Europe have seen empires rise and fall, and have endured through shifting borders and alliances. Seeing the continent from the water has its advantages too – small ships can traverse narrow passages and river cruising itineraries allow more frequent port stops to lesser-known locales to explore the countryside and charming towns along the way.
Not surprisingly, the romance of river cruising continues to swell the imagination of culturally curious Australian travelers. Regardless of which European region you choose, from an ever evolving range of inspired itineraries, this is sure to be a trip‑of‑a-lifetime.
Like the very rivers they cruise upon, each Europe river cruising operator has its own stories and unique character, which Travel Associates will help you discover.

Click the link below for comparisons between the companies and ask me any more specific questions, then click below for latest earlybird deals for next year, remember you don;t have to land and depart with the cruises to utilise the airfare deals.

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