Wednesday 22 January 2020

Otahuna Lodge offers Royal Experience with ‘Lord of the Manor’ Package

Otahuna Lodge's exceptional and exclusive 'Lord of the Manor' package invites guests to live like royalty at New Zealand's most historic luxury lodge.

Offering guests the chance to embrace the majestic history of the property the same way its founder Sir Heaton Rhodes did 125 years ago, Lord of the Manor is the ultimate run of the lodge package where guests can enjoy the full luxuries of the remarkable estate entirely to themselves.

Lord of the Manor is available for up to 10 guests, with full access and inclusions available at the preferential rate of NZD$6,495 per night from May through September or NZD$8,495 per night during the months of April and October. Up to 16 people are able to stay in the lodge with additional charges being NZD$500 per person per night.

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