Friday 11 March 2011

Seoul Best 100 Guide: The Best of Seoul in your Pocket!

The latest edition of Seoul Best 100, a pocket guide of Seoul's top one hundred must see sights has just been released.  The guide gives a great introduction to the best sights of the capital city of Korea and is freely available from Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office.

The pocket zone by zone guide gives detailed information about major tourist attractions such as Seoul's beautiful royal palaces and shrines like Changdeok and the Secret Garden, Deoksu Palace and the Jongmyo Royal Shrine are all in Zone 1.  Also in this zone are sights such as Seoul City Square and top tourist attractions like Insadong, the famous cultural street loved by visitors for its art galleries, handicraft shops, excellent restaurants and famous tea-houses.  The popular street of Samcheongdong with its many cafes and designer shops and galleries is the latest trendy place to be seen in Seoul.
In the centre of the capital is Cheonggyecheon, the 5.8 kilometre stream that runs through the centre of Seoul with its unique bridges and fountains and is a spectacular sight during the Seoul lantern festival.  Also, in Zone 1 for those who love shopping Seoul's south gate (Namdaemun) is a great place to search for a bargain. Selling a wide range of items from clothing to jewellery to Korean handicrafts, foodstuffs, homewares and more the market is a very popular place with shoppers to Seoul.  Nearby is trendy Myeong-dong which is especially lively at night with all its bright lights, designer boutiques and is a place where Seoul's lively young people hang out at night.

Zone 2 of the guide takes you to World Cup Park where Korea reached the semi final of the FIFA World Cup 2002 semi-final match against Germany.  The Hongik University area of Seoul with its trendy nightclubs and markets is a great place to mix with Seoul's youth and see all the latest trends and fashion. 

Zone 3 can take you further out of the city for some fresh mountain air. Visit Mt. Bukhansan or Seoul Forest for a refreshing breath of nature.  Dongdaemun Fashion Town in the eastern part of the city is popular for all night shopping, the shops here close at 5.30am in the morning.  If visiting with children Seoul's Chrildren's Grand Park is a great place to take them to see the huge aviary with over 800 parrots and an aquarium as well as enjoy musical water fountains and fun park rides.

Zone 4 is the southern side of the river with Olympic Park and Lotte World, a massive shopping complex as well as theme park which is great fun for families with young children.  It includes the Seoul Arts Centre, the Kimchi Museum and the famous fashion streets of Apgujeong (Rodeo Street) and Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street.

Zone 5 covers the best of nature with Yeouido Ecological Park and Seoul Grand Park and Zoo.  Get the best view over Seoul city from the 63 Building on Yeouido Island or visit Times Square, the new urban entertainment cultural space with department stores, cinemas,  E-Mart, bookstores and more.

Get your FREE Seoul's Best 100 pocket guide today from the Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office by email: or phone:  02(9251-1717

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