Friday 29 August 2014

Experience Antarctica in One Day

2014-15 Season Brochure
Copyright: Antarctica Flights
Antarctica Flights announces five flights over the upcoming summer including the always popular New Year's Eve celebration flight from Sydney.

A pristine white landscape will greet travellers seeing the first daylight of 2015 on an entirely unique New Years Eve flight to Antarctica. The specially chartered Qantas 747 flight, the only one day Antarctica sightseeing flight in the world, will take in the icebergs, coastal cliffs, glaciers and spectacular mountain ranges for which Antarctica is renowned for.

Quality celebratory drinks plus dinner and a live on board jazz band add to the once in a lifetime excitement of the New Years Eve “Midnight Sun” flight.

Other Antarctica flights, departing from Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane are offered in January and February 2014.

According to Phil Asker, Founder & Director of Antarctica Flights, “The length of time sailing rough seas and the cost of a cruise to Antarctica means the closest most people will ever come to seeing the world's last great wilderness is via their TV screen.

Our one day sightseeing flights enable more people to fulfil what is often a lifelong dream, of seeing Antarctica.”

“The full majesty of the landscape is seen from the aircraft and expert Antarctic expeditioners are on board to talk about the polar environment and life on the ground,”

For 20 years, Antarctica Flights has taken more than 31,000 travellers on over 110 flights across the Antarctic and, according to Mr Asker, the New Years Eve flight remains the most popular. “Flying over the Antarctic is such an amazing way to start the New Year. People who've done the trip previously have said that it really sets the tone for the year ahead. There is something special about being amongst the first in the world to see in the New Year in daylight.”

Antarctica flights take approximately four hours to reach the South Magnetic Pole, descending over spectacular sea ice and icebergs and crossing the Antarctic coast near the French research base at Dumont d'Urville.

From there the aircraft flies over magnificent glaciers and ice fields before continuing to Cape Hudson and Cape Washington and the astounding Trans Antarctic Range.

Up to 19 different routes are available to take advantage of the clearest weather conditions of the day, ensuring the best possible views of the Antarctic landscape.

Flight Schedule:

31 Dec 2014 – New Years Eve Sydney only

18 Jan 2015 – Brisbane

26 Jan 2015 – Perth

8 Feb 2015 – Adelaide

15 Feb 2015 – Melbourne


Prices begin at $1,199 for Economy Class Centre and range to $7,999 for Ice Class.

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