Saturday 15 November 2014

Advice for trains in Europe and UK

Ian Mcintosh is Australia's senior traveller
If you ever need to buy a rail ticket while in the UK keep in mind. We decided to change our plans this year and rail from York to London Kings Cross and I discovered the site quite by accident while checking out the deals. Not only do they feature excellent off peak specials, the site is easy to use and friendly. Take note that you get your tickets from self service machines at railway stations using the same card you used to make the booking.

I always go directly to the site - you get the best deals and the booking system is easy to follow. Aways remember however to stipulate how you want to collect your ticket. The best way is to have it emailed to your address. That way all you have to do when checking-in is get
the gate reader to scan your booking icon. The system you don't want requires you to collect your ticket at a SNCF station which is simple enough - but you must have the same credit card that you used to make the booking. My NAB card was hacked last year and cancelled after I had made a
number of rail bookings and I had a difficult time explaining my dilemma in France. Remember also
that foreign cards with track magnetic strips, for instance Diners Cards, cannot be used for a
withdrawal in automatic ticketing.

Ian Mcintosh is Australia's senior traveller

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