Wednesday 21 January 2015 Celebrates It's 15th Anniversary

LEADING Internet cruising operator marks 15 years of successful operation this week (January 20) with a major celebration for staff, clients and industry colleagues at the Sheraton on the Park in Sydney.

Founder and Chairman Brett Dudley puts his organisation's popularity with the Australian consumer down to his philosophy that it is always better to specialise in something rather than try to be all things to all people.

Thus his unique range of cruising product with its inclusive combinations of air travel, hotel accommodation, special meals and sightseeing has proven to be among the cruise industry's most popular type of holiday among a still growing band of enthusiastic repeat travellers.

Asked about the aspect of ecruising's success that most pleases him he says, ”That would be my decision to start a web-based business in the very year Internet companies around the world were crashing out of the stock market whilst ecruising was created and thrived out of the rubble."

“Despite all the negative advice about linking cruising to the web we survived the 'tech-wreck' and have now reached this 15-year milestone recognised as a unique part of the Australian travel industry surrounded by the recognition confirmed by a string of business awards won in Australia and overseas.”

Among its achievements ecruising can list an award making it the first travel company to win City of Sydney business awards and being chosen by the Hong Kong Economic Trade Office for its contribution to the industry between Australia and Hong Kong.

The company's combination of cruising, flights, hotels and sightseeing being a winner led to ecruising being the first company to charter a Boeing 737 to fly tourists from the Kenyan capital Nairobi to Cape Town in South Africa as part of an exclusive cruise tour itinerary.

It is that type of unique experience that has made ecruising so popular among consumers generally and in particular the members of its extremely popular POSH Club for repeat travellers.

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