Monday 12 January 2015

Witness Gorillas in the Wild in Uganda

Raw Wildlife Encounters (RWE) in partnership with The Jane Goodall Institute Australia and Raw Africa Eco-Tours give travellers the change to experience close encounters with gorillas and chimps in the wild while making sure that their travel dollars go to a good cause.

For the second year running, guest spend 15-days witnessing first-hand the interesting and successful projects that are being undertaken in Uganda by The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). Raw travellers will visit the JGI Uganda/Ngamba Chimpanzee Island, which is a ground breaking initiative of the JGI. Travellers, will also explore the Murchinson Falls National Park where they will experience close encounters with rhinos, chimpanzees and crocodiles. They'll head off on a chimpanzee trek on the Budongo Forest, and also trek looking for the gorillas of Bwindi. Once guest witness these amazing primates, they'll understand what drove Dr Jane Goodall to dedicate her entire life fighting for their survival.

Guests will also visit the inspiring Boomu Women's Group to gain an understanding of Ugandan culture and how communities live alongside wildlife.

'Following in the footsteps of highly acclaimed conservationist Dr Jane Goodall is nothing but remarkable, and a dream for many.' Says Jessica McKelson, CEO of Raw Wildlife Encounters. 'Witnessing endangered species like chimpanzees, and gorillas up close and personal, is breath taking and will stay with you for a lifetime!'

McKelson continues, 'This unique travel program has everything an adventurer is seeking, drawing on the beauty, culture, environment and wildlife of a wonderful country. A once in a life time opportunity with highly experiences staff from Raw Africa Eco-Tours will leave travellers wanting more.'

For every traveller on this adventure, a donation is made directly to support the work of The Jane Goodall Institute..

The Jane Goodall Institute 15-day Tours is $5,690.00 per person and tours dates are: 23rd May, 2015 and 23rd August, 2015.

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