Tuesday 30 September 2008

Get More From Your Visit to Korea with a Homestay

Korea Tourism Organization is actively planning to attract more foreign visitors to experience the true nature and spirit of Korea with its online homestay program.
There could be no better way of getting to know Korea and its people than by enjoying a homestay with a Korean family.

The online homestay program has become very popular since it began earlier this year.
These days many tourists are looking for unique and memorable experiences and the program provides exactly that.

In order to register for the homestay program online, visitors must register for membership with and proceed to log in. After becoming a member you can go direct then to the Homestay reservation area to request a booking. Once a booking is made the host and guest can introduce themselves via email in advance of their visit.

There are around five thousand homes to choose from in Korea located near major tourist destinations like Seoul, the ancient city of Gyeongju and the natural paradise of Jeju Island.

The usual cost for homestay is US$40 per night plus a placement fee of US$30. The program also offers monthly rates of US$700 per month. Breakfast is included in the fee.

Become a member of today and take advantage of a fun and interesting way to get to know the country and its people better.

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