Monday 9 May 2011

The Vijitt Resort - New Treatments at the V Spa

The extravagant V Spa at The Vijitt Resort, Phukets newest five star luxurious property, has just released three new beauty treatments so guests can be totally pampered in natural yet luxurious surrounds and escape to complete peace and serenity.  

The V Spa, which just like the resort, aims at bringing guests back to nature has been built in the shape of a traditional village with stunning small straw roofed Salas blending totally with the natural beauty of the jungle.

Each lavish Sala has been designed with nature at heart. The four exclusive treatment huts equipped with double beds are mainly used for Body Treatments and Facial Treatments. An imposing open-air four Salas standing around the small valley and canal is home to the Thai traditional massage whilst nearby is the indoor Steam & Jacuzzi bath is available for you to take a dip so as to refresh and cleanse your body before your selected massage treatment.

The Spa's name 'V' has been derived from the Roman numeral meaning of five representing the five senses appealed to in a Spa treatment - sight, taste, smell, sound and touch. These new indulgent Day Spa packages are designed around these senses and the body's well-being and include V Tonifying Treatment with Celestial Spheres, V Relaxing Treatment with Royal Bamboo and V Detoxifying Treatment with Exotic Wood Stones.

V Tonifying Treatment with Celestial Spheres is a true energizing gift from the heavens! It combines two sets of spheres with iridescent spangles that glitter with life and joy. The warmth radiated by the intense orange color of the sun sphere melts away the tension buried in the heart of the muscles fibres. The moon sphere, a deep Indigo blue, provides the relief that allows inner peace. The alliance between the Sun and the Moon symbolically unifies the male principles of power and strength with the female virtues of softness and reflection, revealed within each one of us.

In Asia, the Bamboo tree symbolizes strength and flexibility since it can grow up to 10 meters a month! The V Relaxing Treatment with Royal Bamboo uses the round, smooth and firm texture of the bamboo as an original massage tool, which is rich in different sensations. The three sizes that are used in the treatment perfectly fit the body contours and provide a deep and revitalizing relaxation. Its mineralizing, restructuring and soothing ingredients are well-known in dermo-cosmetics and phytotherapy.

The V Detoxifying Treatment with Exotic Wood Stones uses the Wacapou wood, a noble, solid wood from the heart of Guiana and with a unique pigmentation to provide a massage treatment. This enveloping treatment, rich in variations, goes from sensorial to more intense movements to redefine the body contours using sculpting techniques, frictions, darting strokes, the "thousand and one" facets of the hands and the perfect curves of the wood stones to obtain a slimmer silhouette, a thinner waist, slender thighs, firmer hips and gluteus, toned up arms.

The V Spa offers a range of other treatments from massages, body scrubs and wraps, slimming care packages, facials, steam and Jacuzzi packages to waxing and The V Slaon for all guests hairdressing needs.
For booking and enquiries please contact: Tess Willcox on P: 07 5524 5222 Email:


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