Monday 15 October 2012

Sports to spies on North Korea, Manchuria and Mongolia tour

A VISIT to the spectacular Naadam Fair – Mongolia's annual dedication to the "manly" sports of wrestling, archery and horse-riding – is one of the many highlights of Far Horizons 28-day tour to North Korea, Manchuria and Mongolia next June.

The Fair features a parade of athletes, monks and Mongolia's military might, while the horse-racing covers distances of 15 to 30 kilometres and includes up to 1000 animals and riders. Mongolia's South Gobi Desert National Park, with its rolling sand dunes, wild sheep and mountain goats, is contrasted by 200m-high waterfalls, green meadows, meandering streams and a deep canyon which can be ice-covered even in summer, Tibetan-style temples… and for Far Horizons guests the opportunity to ride camels, sleep in a traditional felt ger, and a 4WD trip to see villagers rounding-up wild horses.

The tour begins with 3-days sightseeing in Beijing, then in North Korea tours modern Pyongyan with a lunch cruise by private boat, takes a ride on the world's deepest underground "metro" 100 metres below street level, inspects the US Navy spy ship USS Pueblo captured by North Korea in 1968, visits the armistice frontier town of Panmunjom and film studios, art galleries, forests, and by cable-car to the world's highest crater lake.

In Chinese Manchuria there's a "mini safari" through the unique Siberian Tiger Park and a tour of the 'Puppet' Imperial Palace built in 1626, with an exhibition depicting the story Hollywood turned into The Last Emperor.

Tour price starts from $22,450pp twin-share from Sydney and from Melbourne back to Sydney, including airfares, best available hotels, all transport, all meals, extensive sightseeing, local guides, all taxes and gratuities and a Far Horizons escort throughout. Details 1800 083 141, (02) 9955 0444 or

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