Tuesday 1 January 2013

100 Reasons to get lost in 2013

The end of the world bunkum is an excuse for travellers to get mobile and explore the planet’s vast riches, the team at get lost travel magazine says.

The Mayan prediction was wrong, the world didn’t end, and 2013 is the year to discover the beauty, cultural quirks and natural wonders that would have been lost had doomsday hit.

That’s why the team at get lost magazine has compiled a Hot 100 list of travel ideas to tempt even the idlest homebody. They’ve climbed monstrous mountains, basked on beautiful beaches and clocked up colossal air miles to give readers the ultimate travel inspiration for 2013. The special section is the magazine’s most ambitious yet – giving a comprehensive round-up of THE most spectacular, inspiring and unique travel experiences around.

There are underwater sculptures to explore in Mexico, mythical leaping tigers in China, cocktails with fermented human toes in Canada and fighter jet jaunts in the Czech Republic. And then there’s Colombia – South America’s luscious lady of the north, which is our top destination for 2013.

“We have spent days brainstorming, exploring and arguing over this one,” get lost publisher Justin Jamieson says. “The result is a truly awesome collection of travel experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

“I challenge anyone to read this edition of the magazine and not be motivated to get lost, somewhere, somehow, pronto!”

get lost issue 35 is on sale now and also includes walking in the wilderness in Canada, a pilgrimage of enlightenment in Japan, a Samoan festival to super-charge your party plans and much, much more.

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