Wednesday 6 February 2013

Love is in the air... literally, this Valentine's Day

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, has undertaken a Facebook poll of 2,500 Australians revealing we're a loved-up bunch when we travel. 32% of Australians admit to having mile-high proclivities, 20% of Aussies admit to flirting with a fellow passenger or flight attendant, and 10% have met a 'significant other' on a flight.

Commenting on the results, James Gaskell, Managing Director of ZUJI APAC, says: "I find it especially interesting that one in 10 people have met a long term partner on a plane."

The poll also revealed that 12% have had a romantic encounter at 30,000ft, with a further 20% of Aussies stating they haven't but "if the opportunity came up, they'd consider it."


· 12% of Australians say they have had a mile high fling, 68% say they wouldn't dream of it and 20% say they haven't, but would consider it if the opportunity presented itself.
· 20% of Australians say they have flirted with a passenger or flight attendant.
· 10% of Australians say they've met a significant other on a flight.

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