Wednesday 19 March 2014

Three Ways To 'Me Time': Soneva Kiri Unveils Triple Gem Of Pampering With Trio Of Six Senses Spa Journeys To Bliss

The destination wellness experience that is Soneva Kiri's sublime Six Senses Spa has been expanded to include a trio of treatments designed to invigorate even the most weary bodies and minds through a holistic healing approach perfectly aligned to its pristine island setting. 

Each package is geared to facilitate something akin to an altered state of consciousness and will be tailored to each guest's needs by expert spa hosts whose primary aim is to deliver highly personalised paths to wellbeing and relaxation.
One is an Ayurvedic Wellness Programme, which consists of organic, calorie-controlled Ayurvedic cuisine suited to cosmopolitan palates as well as Ayurvedic consultations, advice and Ayurvedic spa treatments fused with yoga and meditation.
Details: 5-21 nights with prices starting at Single occupancy USD 5,170 and Double USD 7,591
The Sleep Well & De-stress Programme involves organic menus, carefully selected spa treatments plus the opportunity for personalised yoga and meditation sessions. It is guaranteed to instil a deep sense of calm and tranquillity.
Details: 5-10 nights with prices starting at Single occupancy USD 5,100 and Double USD 7,350
Massage at Soneva Kiri's Six Senses Spa.
Massage at Soneva Kiri's Six Senses Spa.
The Weight Loss Programmes addresses every challenge, both physical and emotional, that is presented in the complicated business of weight loss. There are Puriti detox treatments, Yogic intestinal cleanses and reams of simple nutritional information as well as expert consultations from the Six Senses Spa team.
Details: 7-21 nights with prices starting at Single occupancy USD7,530 and Double USD11,213
Note: Prices are based on single and double occupancy and include domestic flights to the resort (from Bangkok), three meals a day, no alcohol, and multiple Six Senses Spa treatments. Valid until 31 October 2014. Rates are 10% commissionable, subject to seasonal variation and days required. Please contact the resort spa department directly for more details.

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