Thursday 26 June 2008


The coastal capital of the Great Ocean Road - Warrnambool - has welcomed a Southern Right Whale, affectionately known as 'Big Lips' and her calf to its Logans Beach whale nursery – marking the beginning of the whale watching season for 2008!

The whales are traditionally in Warrnambool's waters until October each year – so while you have the chance - get to Warrnambool to watch these amazing mammals. The specially designed whale-viewing platform at Logans Beach allows visitors to experience the whales that venture within 100 metres of the shoreline.

"The winter months are a great time to be in Warrnambool– the town is a buzz with whale sightings, with everyone down at Logans Beach waiting for the whales to breach & blow," said Carole Reid, Chief Executive Officer – Shipwreck Coast Marketing.  

The town of Warrnambool, Victoria goes into "whale mode" during the season and looks forward to their Antarctic visitors, who travel to the warmer waters off Warrnambool to have their calves.  Boats and jet skis are banned from Logans Beach, commercial vessels must be 150 metres away from the whales and aircraft must not fly lower than 300 metres.

Head down to Warrnambool and join in the excitement with a range of special whale watching experiences and accommodation packages on offer. 

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