Saturday 19 July 2008

Outback Fixation of trusty Ute

A gathering of vehicles like no other, dressed to kill or so feral they could kill – either way, Ute Musters have developed a loyal following and are often regarded as a "must-see" showcase when included in the schedule of regional events across Australia.

During the 2008 Xstrata Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo, the infamous Bell & Moir Ute Muster will return and with the event celebrating its 50th delivery, the competition to take out "Gold" in the Ute muster will be at an all time high. The 2008 Bell & Moir Ute Muster will feature thousands of dollars in prizes, cash and trophies.

It's not just bucking broncs that provide the adrenalin rush in Australia's Rodeo Capital! Competitors from across Australia will gather in the mining town to show-off their utes or pose for a snapshot next to one.

So what exactly is a Ute muster? It the boys and girls from the bush chance to show off their mean machine, their pride and joy… their Ute!

Some say it is the quintessential Australian activity that embraces the large Ute culture in remote regional areas. The event brings as many utes ('utility vehicles') to Mount Isa for competition events and other side events.

The congregation of Ute enthusiasts enter their utes in a number of competitions. Some of the typical categories are:

Best Feral Ute – the dirtiest, worst maintained, lived-in Ute
Best B&S Ute – generally decorated with beer cans and stickers of alcohol brands, car companies or various pubs
Best Restored Ute – pre-1980 in most original condition.
Best Chick's Ute – Ute owned and maintained by a woman.
Best Holden Ute
Best Ford Ute
Best Trade/Commercial Ute – Ute used on a daily basis for work, fitted with toolboxes, accessories, etc
Best 4x4 Ute – Ute that is best set up to tackle rugged terrain.

Whilst taking part in the 2008 Bell & Moir Ute muster is said to be addictive, the event is also a huge drawcard for spectators with all Utes on show in the Xstrata Entertainment Centre prior to competition.

"It's crazy some of the work, time and money the entrants invest in their Ute – it's a real passion for them and some of the Utes on show blow your mind. You have your run of the mill, off the shelf Utes but you also have spectacularly decorated masterpieces" said Mrs Joyce McCulloch, Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo General Manager.

The organisational committee have built a strong following for Mount Isa's annual ute muster and see regular competitors return year after year. "This is more than just a car event, ute musters for some are their hobby… to others it's a way of life", added Mrs McCulloch.

The 2008 Xstrata Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo will run from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th August 2008. For further information about the 2008 Xstrata Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo please contact the Media Unit at RODEO HQ on 07 47432706.

The Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo is benefiting from a Premier's Development Grant of $50,000 under the Queensland Events Regional Development Program (QERDP), a State Government initiative designed to take unique and creative regional events to their full potential.

Since the program began in 2001, more than $10 million has been invested in over 500 regional events.

Schedule of Events

Saturday 26 July

7pm XXXX Rodeo Ball (Rodeo Forecourt)

Tuesday 5 August

6.30pm: Isa Hillside Twilight Markets (Frank Aston Hill)

Wednesday 6 August

6.30am: Zonta Bush Poets Breakfast (The Buffs Club)
7.30pm: The Bull Pit "Man Against Beast" (Kalkadoon Stadium)

Thursday 7 August

8am: Cowboy & Cowgirls Golf Day (Mount Isa Golf Club)
10am: Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce Best Dressed Premises Presentation (Venue TBA)
7pm: Mailman Express (Buchanan Park Race Club)

Friday 8 August

9am: Rodeo & Time Events (Kalkadoon Stadium)
7pm: Mardi Gras Street Parade (George & Sutton St)
7.30pm: Fireworks - time subject to change (George & Sutton St)
8pm: The Bull Pit "Man Against Beast" (Kalkadoon Stadium)
8pm: Tommy Maxwell (Xstrata Entertainment Centre)
9pm: Dianna Corcoran & Kirsty Lee Akers (Xstrata Entertainment Centre)
10pm: Mental as Anything (Rodeo Forecourt)

Saturday 9 August

9am: Rodeo & Time Events (Kalkadoon Stadium)
All day: Bell & Moir Ute Muster (Xstrata Entertainment Centre)
10pm: Amber Lawrence & Aleyce Simmonds (Rodeo Forecourt)
11pm: Adam Brand (Rodeo Forecourt)

Sunday 10 August

8am: Buffs Recovery Breakfast (The Buffs Club)
9am: Rodeo & Time Events (Kalkadoon Stadium)
6.30pm: Chic Frontier (Rodeo Forecourt)
7pm: Cowboys & Cowgirls Night (Kalkadoon Stadium

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