Wednesday 20 August 2008

Add a touch of luxury to your Australian experience

With the cost of international travel at an all-time high, it is the perfect time to enjoy the vast array of luxury resorts available right here in Australia and what could be more convenient than sending your luggage ahead of you, to your luxury hotel, spa or golf resort. 

Australia boasts some of the most beautiful destinations to be found in the world, but travelling to these destinations also involves the usual issues that travelling with luggage often involves. Avoiding all the queues disruption and luggage issues should therefore be a priority when the aim of the holiday is to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the best Australia has to offer. 

Whatever the destination it is now more likely than ever, travellers will be charged extra for checked-in luggage. Virgin Blue, Jetstar and Tiger have all introduced checked-in luggage fees and if travelling with golf clubs, surfboards, bikes or other sporting equipment there is the increasing likelihood of excess luggage charges being applied. 

If the traveller has no option but to pay extra for luggage, why not pay that bit extra and enjoy all the benefits that Personal Porter's luggage delivery service provides. Convenience and a touch of luxury to ensure that the journey to and from the resort is as enjoyable as possible and free of incident.  

"Improving the journey experience to and from the destination should not be underestimated. When it takes 10 hours to travel from Sydney to Cable Beach for example, travel agents and resorts should be ensuring that their customers arrive with a smile on their face ." said James Garrod, Marketing Director of Personal Porter, "Struggling with heavy luggage or having it delayed or even being lost, does promote a relaxing start to a holiday and certainly not conducive to a smile". 

A recent comment from Caroline Wilkie of the Tourism & Transport Forum asked "we have to come up with a way to give domestic destinations the same appeal [when compared to overseas travel]". 

"I believe Personal Porter may help contribute to the solution Caroline is looking for" added Garrod 

With luggage taking as little as 24 hours from pick-up to delivery and prices starting from just $78, Personal Porter provides the simplest and easiest method to ensure guests arrive at their destination having avoided all the inconvenience of queues, baggage carousels and mishandled luggage. 

Hotels, resorts, travel agents and golf courses amongst others, all have an opportunity to offer the service and be rewarded for their efforts with commission on the service. All that is required is a simply link on their website, so that their customers can be directed to the service and bookings automatically tracked and commissions paid. 

Personal Porter™ provides an online and seamless global door-to-door luggage delivery service, offering travellers an alternative to checking-in luggage, by picking up their luggage at their home or office and delivering it to their final destination wherever in the world they are located. The company offers flexible luggage options, preferred pick-up windows, pro-active luggage management and with operations in both Australia and the UK, provides unrivalled coverage, customer service and 24/7 support. 

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