Friday 21 January 2011

Discover Brand New Rides at Luna Park

Luna Park Sydney is gearing up for its most thrilling, spine chilling Summer School Holidays ever with the arrival of two crazy 'white-knuckle' rides, the Disk'o and the Power Surge. Available for a limited time only, from 26 December - 30 January, these two nail-biting, thrill rides are sure to set hearts racing and knees trembling.

The Disk'o makes its Australian debut at Luna Park this Summer. This brand new thrill-seekers dream is like no other. Twenty four riders face outwards in a giant spinning disk that coasts up and down an enormous 92feet half pipe track at turbo speeds...Cool!

Power Surge
Hold on tight! The Power Surge is a high-impact thrill ride that flips, twists and spins up to twenty four dangling riders in gravity defying circles.

Bursting with colour and light, the super-spectacular twisting machine has six arms with free-spinning gondolas that move in all different directions, so once you're in your seat and the ride takes off, you won't know which way is up or down!

Not for the faint hearted, these rides cost just $10, or are FREE with your Unlimited Rides Pass. They are suitable for thrill-seekers over 130cm tall.

Luna Park Sydney, where everyone goes.... just for fun!

Visit or call (02) 9922 6644 for further information about the best pass for your visit!

Christmas/Summer School Holidays (from 26 Dec - 30 Jan)
Sunday to Thursday 10am-9pm. Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm

Autumn, Winter & Spring School Holidays
Sunday to Thursday 10am-6pm. Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm

Non School Holidays from end Summer Holidays to beginning Spring Holidays
Sunday 10am-6pm. Monday 11am-4pm. Friday & Saturday 11am-10pm. Tuesday to Thursday Park is closed

Non School Holidays from end Spring Holidays to beginning Summer Holidays
Sunday 10am-6pm. Monday 11am-6pm. Friday 11am - 11pm, Saturday 10am-11pm. Tuesday to Thursday Park is closed.

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