Tuesday 25 January 2011

Tangalooma Shines Under Summer Sun

Tangalooma Island Resort continues to operate unaffected by the recent floods in Brisbane.

Resort spokesperson Penny Limbach said throughout the ordeal Tangalooma was able to function as usual because of its island location.

"Tangalooma is on Moreton Island, about 40 kilometres from the mainland, so we were very fortunate to have missed the floods," Ms Limbach said.

"We often say Tangalooma is like a different world and that's certainly proven to be true in the past week or so.

"Now that the skies have cleared and the sun is shining again the island, which is almost entirely national park, is looking as lush and green as ever.

"It's a perfect time to get away from it all, relax on the beach and soak up the summer sun, or have fun doing any number of the activities on offer - there's plenty to do.

"We are posting photos on the Tangalooma Facebook and website on a regular basis so people can see just how perfect it is." For more information on a Tangalooma getaway visit

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