Tuesday 2 April 2013

get lost Magazine Launches Digital Version

get lost Magazine has hit the digital newsstand, tapping into an infinite market of travel-hungry readers across the globe.

The magazine soft launched its digital platform in mid-March, enabling readers to get a travel inspiration fix anywhere, anytime via the apple and android platforms.

In the first five days of going digital, get lost enjoyed more than 3000 downloads.

Readers from around the world are tapping into get lost’s unique brand of travel inspiration at an astonishing rate, with downloads coming from as far afield as Kazakhstan, Belgium and China.

“The take up of the digital version of the magazine has been phenomenal,” get lost publisher Justin Jamieson says.

“We are thrilled that so many people, including overseas readers, have embraced get lost online and are conveniently accessing the magazine from their smartphone or tablet.

“Not only have we tapped into a much broader market, but we are giving readers a level of interactivity they’ve never had before. It will compliment the printed version brilliantly.”

get lost’s digital editions will come with embedded videos, extended photo stories and direct links to featured hotels, bars, travel operators and more.

Issues 31 to 36 are available online now. get lost is offering edition 32 free of charge for a limited time so that readers can acquaint themselves with the online version.

And access to back copies means readers can peruse earlier editions long after they leave the newsagents’ shelves.

Search for get lost Travel Magazine in the itunes store.

get lost issue 37 is on sale April 1.

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