Monday 19 May 2014

Warm up this winter with Sono Sake and Hot Pots

The temperature is starting to drop and as winter hits, there is nothing better than a delicious, warming dinner to create the ultimate comfort. 

Sono Restaurants in the City and Portside have just the thing to soothe cold-weather blues, with their sumptuous Hot Pots and Hot Sake.

Hot Pot_resizeJapanese hot pots are a traditional shared meal experience, and are designed to be enjoyed with family and friends. Each variety comes with beautiful, fresh ingredients initially prepared by Sono Chefs, to then be cooked and shared at your table.

Sono’s staff will demonstrate the cooking process to ensure you enjoy the dish at its best. Try the Wagyu Sukiyaki – thinly sliced wagyu beef and fresh vegetables, cooked in sweet soy sukiyaki sauce and served with rice and miso; or the Wagyu Shabu Shabu – thinly sliced wagyu served in a traditional Shabu Shabu hot broth (boiling water and vegetables), along with sesame and ponzu dipping sauces (Portside) or sesame and vinegar soy (City) and rice.  Wagyu hot pots are $42 - $48 per person.

If you prefer a seafood alternative, choose the Kani Tonyu Nabe. $55 per person includes a sumptuous Alaskan King Crab hot pot with four kinds of Asian mushrooms and seasonal vegetables, cooked in soy milk and seafood stock. The mixture is then combined with rice, shredded nori seaweed, shallots and egg to create zousui (rice soup).

Sono City also offers Mini Paper Hot Pots (mains sized), including Duck Kami Nabe and Seafood Kami Nabe for just $25 - $28 per person.

Top off your dinner with a glass or two of sake, served warm to truly beat any lingering chill! Sono has a wide range of sakes to complement the cuisine in a similar fashion to wines. If you are yet to try this traditional drink, ask for the ‘sake tasting set’, including three different glasses for just $28.

Sono’s delicious, traditional hot pots are available year-round and are perfect for a warming bite during the cold months! Visit the City or Portside restaurant for a delectable and heartening winter dinner.

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