Wednesday 28 May 2008

Entrepreneurs Seek Peak Experiences in Aspen

Mix Business Building with High Adventure in the Mountains of Colorado

Maverick Business Adventures™ Announces August Escape in Aspen

POTOMAC, MD, May 27, 2008 – What do hard-working, successful entrepreneurs pursue when they carve some much needed time off from their busy schedules? How about a long weekend of high adrenaline mountain sports mixed with some high level business building.

Yanik Silver, founder of Maverick Business Adventures, is taking his growing MBA membership group on a Rocky Mountain High in and around Aspen, Colorado Aug. 13-17. For four days up to 30 participants will address the strategy of shooting class IV rapids and negotiating downhill routes on ropes, jeeps and mountain bikes interspersed with a dossier of common challenges like-minded players bring to daily sharing and brainstorming sessions.

This is the third MBA trip of 2008 and it promises to be wet and wild. The first took members off-road race car driving, surfing and whale watching in Baja. The second, based in Las Vegas, featured a zero gravity flight, flightseeing by helicopter into the Grand Canyon and simulated aerial combat in modified fighter planes over the Nevada desert.

"Maybe we should re-dub ourselves the Life List Gang," muses Silver who directs these all-inclusive adventures that encourage members to check off some of life's most extraordinary experiences while congregating with the kinds of energetic brainpower he thinks can bring about real breakthroughs in business thinking.

"We may put issues like running a green business, giving back and how to inspire young entrepreneurs on our Colorado table and chew over these for awhile," Silver says. "It's the entrepreneurs who think out of the box and turn on a dime to get things done. Like me their hands aren't tied by bureaucracy and corporate restraints."

Silver believes that getting outdoors and tackling new challenges provides the right fuel for innovative thinking. Highlights of the Colorado trip include being part of a skilled paddle team rafting the Arkansas River through the Valley of the Fourteeners, a guided introduction to mountaineering and rock climbing, backcountry mountain biking and 4x4 adventuring around Aspen.

The Colorado program cost, per person is $6,768. A membership in MBA's exclusive group begins at $7,500. For more information visit:

A self-described "adventure junkie," maverick internet entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, Silver has found that his own life-changing experiences such as running with the bulls, bungee jumping, sky diving, exotic car road rallies and zero gravity flights have brought a profound sense of accomplishment and led to clarity in ideas, focus and business thinking. This inspired him to create Maverick Business Adventures to allow like-minded entrepreneurs to network and learn from each other in an inspiring environment.

Part of the MBA mission is to also give back to empower future entrepreneurs. MBA achieves this through live and virtual educational products and programs and by donating 5% of all gross revenues to self-sustaining charities members select. In addition, during every MBA trip, the group hosts a session for aspiring high school and college-age entrepreneurs from the local community to share knowledge, answers and advice.

Maverick Business Adventures™ is structured to be an exclusive group and membership is by-application-only, limited to top achievers, CEOs and business owners with proven abilities and success. Silver stresses that the focus is not on corporate team building or motivational development. Instead, members will be invited to join professionally orchestrated, all-inclusive adventure outings that encourage the type of high-level networking and powerful connections that can only occur outside of normal business settings. For details on how to apply for membership in this exclusive group, call 240.744.0165, or you can go online to

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