Monday 5 May 2008



….longest human product demo in perpetual motion for 33 days….

LONDON, 5 May, 2008: Skype today launches 'The Skype Nomad', an ambitious attempt to create a live, worldwide, human demonstration of how Skype can now be used anywhere and on the move.

Skype has recruited Australian writer Rebecca Campbell as 'The Nomad', to embark on a 33 day round-the-world trip across 15 countries including China, Australia, US (including the state of Alaska), Italy and Estonia. The twist is that she must remain in 'perpetual motion' for her entire journey – always moving, even when she's sleeping.

She will also need to use as many forms of transport as possible to complete her journey, from planes, trains and automobiles to hot air balloons, dog sleds and bum boats.

The Nomad will share her trip live on the internet as she travels, using a variety of Skype-enabled gadgets from 3 Skypephone to the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. Her blog will include the latest queue-jumping tips, how to keep moving when waiting to board an aircraft or when stuck in a traffic jam.

The web community will also be able to share her journey on her blog or her Facebook or MySpace pages. They will also be able to get in touch with Rebecca on Skype (Skypename: 'theskypenomad') and give her insider information on the countries she is visiting.

Malthe Sigurdsson, Skype's creative director, commented: "This is a great way to show people how easy it is to use Skype wherever they happen to be. Our Nomad has to keep moving for a long time. Her journey is the equivalent of how long it takes to run 200 full marathons and the only downtime she will have is when she's on a flight or some form of transport that keeps her moving."

The Skype Nomad Rebecca Campbell adds "I'm really excited about the trip but I am sure it will be hard to keep moving. The great thing is I have a whole online community to rely on who can guide me to make the right decisions on what I eat and how I keep moving in any of the 15 countries I will be in. I am sure I'll need a holiday afterwards! Travelling can be a bit lonely but with Skype, I know I can stay in touch with my friends and family for free or very little and that's very reassuring."

Skype is famous for having recruited 309 million registered users without using any traditional advertising. Skype Nomad continues the idea of using more innovative communications to demonstrate its unique product. Created collaboratively by London-based communications agency Albion and Skype's in-house marketing team, Nomad will be the world's longest product demonstration costing a fraction of traditional TV advertising.

For this challenge, Skype has teamed up with international disability and development charity Motivation, which works in low-income countries to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities. Skype will be making a donation to the charity and in addition further donations can be made via

About Skype

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About Albion

Albion is a 50-person, independent advertising agency that helps entrepreneurial brands to create communications that give people something to talk about.

As well as working with Skype for 4 years, they also work with clients including eBay (last year creating the first 'live' TV ad), BlackBerry (creating European advertising campaigns) and Innocent Drinks (helping develop the Innocent Kids brand and Fruitstock event).

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