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Thursday, 23 October 2008

How to save money on your next overseas trip

Still have those 2007 champagne tastes but now have the 2008 beer budget. Here’s some ways you can still experience the delight of traveling without selling the house. Danny Nathanson, CEO BackChat Mobile offers his tips for cutting back when travelling overseas.

1. Get a global simcard before you leave and end roaming shock.

BackChat Mobile’s one phone-number GlobalSIM can save you up to 70% on your phone bill in over 130 countries. BackChat Mobile offers free incoming calls in over 50 countries, no roaming charges and is compatible with most multi band GSM mobile phones that are unlocked.

2. Pack lighter, and let the hotel pick up the cost.

Did you know many travel items are offered for free by hotels? These include razors toothbrushes, toothpaste soap etc. So why pack and pay for them when you can request them at check-in.

3. Book the early bird specials

One piece of conventional wisdom holds true: If you're flying, book in advance. Airlines start releasing cheap fares approximately four months before departure especially in the low season.

4. Fly from less popular airports.

Research your flights and you can save a huge amount. Flying out of less popular airports can save you hundreds of dollars. Sign up for free loyalty programs to be notified of specials and frequent flyer points.

5. Drive trips can be made more affordable.

Travelling by car means accepting high petrol prices but you can still save, especially in Europe. Maintaining a speed of 80 - 95 km per hour on freeways gives the best petrol mileage. Properly inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency.

6. Travel off season.

Travelling off season means less crowds and cheaper prices. Its also a great time to bargain whether it be on a hotel room or car rental, it never hurts to ask.

7. Saving on Dining.

Eat during Happy Hour. You can often have free snacks served during happy hour so it’s not just the drinks which are cheaper.

8. Only receive calls on your mobile.

It’s much cheaper to receive calls than to make calls when using mobile roaming. Make sure you switch off your voicemail as the call will bounce backwards and forwards to Australia, and cost you an international roaming call to retrieve messages.

9. Picnic.

Buy food from grocery shops and delis and take them on a picnic. It’s a great way to sample the local produce and see the countryside.

10. Stay in a monastery!

B and Bs are often a great choice where you can have a substantial breakfast and skip lunch. Religious Institutions are another choice which can be inexpensive if somewhat spartan. Joining hotels loyalty programs will often lead to some great discounts and even free rooms.

About BackChat Mobile

BackChat Mobile offers the easiest solution for saving money when traveling. BackChat Mobile has deals with more than 400 carriers in over 130 countries to give clients the best price when using their mobile phones overseas. BackChat Mobile rates are up to 70% lower than with traditional mobile carriers and receiving calls is free in 50 countries.

This Australian based company offers one sim card for all countries. There are no roaming charges, free incoming calls in over 50 countries and its easy to use – just insert the GlobalSIM card into your phone.

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