Thursday 23 October 2008

i-to-i Presents the Meaning of Travel: ‘Be Part of It’

The folks at i-to-i have polled past travellers and distilled their wisdom and advice on the 'meaning of travel' - and they're sharing it in a short on-line video entitled 'Be Part of It'.

In the comical clip – in style, it's Barry White meets 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' - the new commandments of travel are delivered to travellers, advising them on how to make the most of their travel experience. The engaging message highlights that travel is all about changing environments, perspectives and views and that 'Being Part of It' – engaging in local culture and communities – makes it both more meaningful and more fun.

Advice ranges from, "Talking slowly and loudly to locals will not make them understand you better. It will only make you look stupid," to "Understand the true meaning of travel… give something back… done right, it can change lives. Forever."

i-to-i operates volunteer travel projects in 24 countries, where the emphasis is on 'meaningful travel' – having fun, while making a contribution to local communities or conservation projects.

The video is streamed on i-to-i's 'Be Part of It' website and will also be distributed on social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook and

Have a laugh and get the guru's advice at

For further information, visit or phone 1300 656 351.

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