Thursday 28 May 2009

Is This Your Lost Luggage?

It is often said that the last place you look for lost property is inevitably where you’ll find it. Until now, the internet has not been the first (or indeed the last) place air travellers look for their lost luggage. The launch of website means that your lost luggage in all its glory may be posted on the internet for all to see.

British woman, Luna Laboo has launched the website in a bid to help reunite travellers with their lost luggage. The website features a series of bags which the user clicks on to reveal the contents within. Pictures of a kinky nurse’s outfit, dirty socks and sexy undies - all lost in transit - have been posted online so far. The advice of your mother to always pack plenty of clean underwear has never been more relevant!

Laboo purchases the lost luggage at airline auctions, which are held regularly by airlines to clear out their stores of lost luggage once all reasonable methods to find the owner have been exhausted. Ms Laboo said the idea for her website came to her six months ago after hearing about luggage going missing at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 in London. At the time, about 20,000 bags had been lost in the system.

Some may see this site as strange new breed of voyeurism, whilst others view Laboo as the ultimate good samaritan. Our members are divided on the issue. Some find it rather creepy that a complete stranger can purchase your personal effects and place the contents online, whilst others have found the logic in the situation and argue that most of luggage would be technically owned by insurance companies if they had paid out on traveller’s claims. One member is sceptical about the airlines policy of selling lost luggage and believes that few peoples luggage would not have some identifying markers on it.

Laboo is yet to reunite any of the owners with the luggage but she has states she is looking forward to acquiring more suitcases.

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