Thursday 2 July 2009

Australians Urged to Cast Their Vote now for Australia’s Natural Wonders in New7Wonders of Nature Campaign

Australians are being urged to cast their votes in the next few days for Australia’s two nominees in the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign – Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef – to ensure these iconic natural landscapes make it through to the next round of the campaign.

Uluru is currently lying in seventh place in its category and the Great Barrier Reef in third.

As head of the official supporting committee for Australia, Tourism Australia is encouraging all Australians to support the cause for Australia’s iconic wonders and lodge their vote by the close of stage two voting on Tuesday 7 July 2009.

Competition is tough, with Australia’s nominees up against some of nature’s all-time greats such as the Grand Canyon, Ha Long Bay and Mount Everest.

Both the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru are equally worthy iconic natural wonders and with everyone’s support they have a fantastic chance of reaching the ultimate seven. It’s as simple as visiting and casting a vote..

Winning a place in the top seven natural wonders of the world would be an amazing honour, and a fantastic opportunity to further promote and preserve the complex balance of Australia’s natural landscapes.

Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef are two of 261 nominated sites from 222 participating countries. Each is vying to sit within the top 77 ranking nominees (11 from each of the seven categories), when voting in stage two closes on 7 July 2009. Successful nominees will be assessed by the New7Wonders Panel of Experts and 21 finalists will be announced on 21 July 2009 to proceed to the final stage of voting, which concludes mid-2011.

All votes are monitored by the New7Wonders Foundation and will alter the standing of each nominee in real time. Every vote will therefore count, and if you voted in the previous stage, you can vote again now as everyone is eligible to vote once in each of the three stages.

Launched in 2007 by the New7Wonders Foundation, the New7Wonders of Nature campaign is a global search to recognise the seven most wondrous sites across the world through the eyes of the public.

Any place that is a clearly defined natural site, monument or landscape that was not created or significantly altered by humans for aesthetic reasons could be nominated.

More than one billion votes worldwide are forecast to determine the final New7Wonders of Nature.

For further information on Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef and the New7Wonders of Nature campaign, or to cast your vote please visit

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