Monday 6 July 2009

A Hotel in a Room

Could you call it a hotel if all the rooms are located in different cities around the world? The ambitious people behind the Hotel Room, which opened it's first property in the bohemian Kallio district of Helsinki, claims you can.

A one-room hotel, Hotel Room opened its first facilities in the bohemian Kallio neighborhood in Helsinki. As the name implies, the hotel facilities are made up of one fully furnished 30 square meter room with a well-equipped kitchen and funky vintage interior.

“We think that hotel rooms can often be small and uninteresting and are occupied by nondescript “suits”. But our guests have been so great that we want to open the second room in Berlin soon”, says Iina Merikallio, one of the four co-founders of the Hotel Room.

Hotel Room offers a new way to travel and stay for travelers that are weary of interchangeable business hotels featuring synthetic fabrics and an impersonal feel. A stay at Hotel Room is the choice for adventurous people who seek spaciousness and individuality instead of a reception, room service and complimentary hotel stationery.

The hotel is located in Kallio district where the good, the bad and the ugly all live side by side in relative harmony. The neighborhood is home to a vivid bar scene, an array of vintage shops, ethnic restaurants and long-lived local hangouts. The tram stops right by the hotel, and runs to the city in 15 minutes.

In order to pay homage to the hotel’s neighborhood, Hotel Room No.1 is decorated with specially designed wallpaper called Toile de Kallio. In it's heart-felt imagery Kallio is seen as a pulsating yet sedate, bohemian and contemporary neighborhood of contrasts where people sleep in the park and cool down in front of the public Harjutorin Sauna after a steaming sauna session. If you like the design, you can even purchase the wallpaper for your own home. 

A room for up to two people with free WiFi, a TV and complimentary breakfast on the first morning starts at 120 euro per night. Longer stays are entitled to discounts, with a six night stay costing as little as 65 euro per night.

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