Tuesday 19 April 2011

Asia’s premier rehab centre achieves 96 per cent completion rate.

* Fully qualified Western counsellors and international hospital alliance offer world-class solutions, with a unique pro-rata refund option.

* The Cabin Chiang Mai offers secular holistic programme approach

* Emphasis on fitness and mindfulness components complements Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and 12 Steps structure

Chiang Mai, Thailand – The Cabin Chiang Mai, widely regarded as the premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Asia, reveals the potency of its programmes, recording an impressive 96% completion rate of all clients in 2010.

Though structured along the well-established 12 Steps rehabilitation lines, The Cabin's drug and alcohol addiction treatment programmes comprise highly progressive evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques and personalized counselling elements.

"Our clients greatly appreciate our intelligent approach individually tailored to each client's personal needs. It's an unusually intensive programme in which they become very engaged. Even while they are with us clients begin to enjoy significant life changes," says Programme Director and Head Counsellor, Alastair Mordey.

Programmes are completely secular and involve no religious component, so are suitable for all races and faiths.

"We also focus on fitness and mindfulness components, making the most of our wonderful natural setting," says Centre Director Peter Maplethorpe. "A great setting to kick-start a new mindset."

The centre presents like a 5-star luxury boutique tropical resort with its riverside setting and comfortable teak-wood cabins in an area just outside Chiang Mai.

"Your privacy and anonymity are absolutely assured in our secluded riverside facility far from the prying eyes of family, friends and colleagues. Our clients are also far from their usual addiction triggers, and enjoy a vibrant group dynamic in a fresh environment, living the healthy lifestyle they dream of, even while still in rehab," says Maplethorpe.

Despite the fact that The Cabin offers clients an industry-unique pro-rata refund should they choose to exit the programme at any point, no one has exercised this option yet. "It shows our confidence in the quality of our treatment programmes," says Maplethorpe. "In fact, an unusually high proportion of clients actually extend beyond the minimum 28 days."

As Asia's leading rehab centre, clients can expect the same high level of care they would get in Australia. The Cabin's counsellors are British and Canadian, but clients also enjoy the renowned added care and compassion of local Thai staff, too, especially in the areas of fitness, yoga, and massage.

Exorbitant cost is usually the stumbling block for recovery at international treatment centres, but not at The Cabin Chiang Mai.

"Our affordability comes not from sacrificing professionalism, treatment or accommodation standards, but rather in the low operating cost of our locale," says Maplethorpe. "We are able to offer a world-class recovery programme at a price almost one third of comparable treatment in Western countries, even though we employ highly qualified Western professionals."

Thailand is furnished with a range of international hospitals, spas and wellness centers.  Just nine hours' flight from Sydney (with direct flights from many other cities, too) it is a beacon for those wishing to improve their health in a safe environment.

Chiang Mai is also one of the world's great adventure travel destinations and The Cabin offers an attractive array of excursions including elephant trekking, zipline jungle canopy tours, white-water rafting, Thai cooking lessons, fishing or hot springs each Sunday.

"One advantage of our location and excursions is that you can return home from your programme looking happy and healthy, and show everyone great photos of your adventure holiday in Chiang Mai. No one would ever guess you've been here for rehab treatment," says Maplethorpe.

About The Cabin Chiang Mai (

The Cabin is an 8-unit drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centre, established in 2009 by a group of Western rehabilitation treatment professionals, qualified and accredited with organizations such as the British Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and the Canadian Professional Counselors Association. The Cabin has also created an alliance with the leading international hospital in Northern Thailand.

The Cabin's team includes a clinical advisor (Thailand's foremost addiction expert), fitness and yoga instructors, a masseuse, and an art therapist, with an enviable staff-to-client ratio of nearly 3:1.

The Cabin is located on the banks of the Ping River, Chiang Mai, and includes a pool and jungle gym. Clients reside in airy teak-wood cabins amid lush landscaped tropical gardens, with four-poster beds, luxury bathtubs, large flat-screen TVs and DVD, and wi-fi facilities. Communal facilities include a library (for books and DVDs), restaurant, and wooden deck overlooking the river.

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