Monday 18 April 2011

Get Up & Go Magazine - Brighter than Ever


Australia's premier travel and leisure magazine for the 55s and over has issued its autumn edition.

On the stands now and in the post to you – Get Up & Go's first issue from the publisher BT Publishing is bigger and brighter than ever.

" As editor of Get Up & Go, I'm very proud of the magazine, the look of it, its integrity and the quality of writing from Australia's best travel writers", says Bev Malzard.

"It's wonderful to have made such a seamless move with the magazine, and there are many exciting things in the pipeline."

This issue features India, Laos, Norway, China, Alaska, Macau – and a fantastic competition for a prize trip to Macau.

Supporting Queensland and hoping to drive more tourism to the sunshine state – we have a 'Queensland is open for business' special. And for more interesting tales of Australian destinations – just check out Get Up & Go.

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