Thursday 7 April 2011

Make Your Irish Clan Connection with Tourism Ireland


The recently launched Tourism Ireland campaign 'Make Your Clan Connection' has Aussies searching for their unique Irish connection to be in with a chance to win a trip for two to Ireland flying with the award winning airline Etihad Airways.

'Make Your Clan Connection' encourages entrants to find their inner Irishness by joining a clan that most suits their personality. Once entrants have joined their chosen clan they receive a 'clan certificate' and are then offered the opportunity to go one step further by showing their new clan (and us) how Irish they truly are by writing a short testimonial, uploading a video or uploading a picture of themselves.

There are three clans in all, each with unique 'Irish' characteristics and a specially devised touring itinerary to inspire would be travellers to Ireland: The Fitzcurious Clan are avid historians and lovers of all ancient monuments, castles, museums and heritage that Ireland has to offer. Then there are the infectious MacLahffing's who are the life and soul of every party, you'll find them wherever there is 'craic' (Irish for fun) to be had, be it in an Irish pub or at a festival mingling with the locals. Finally, the O'Fiddle's are those who have an undying enthusiasm for Irish culture, music, literature, sport and food.

The campaign concludes at the end of the month and there has already been some very creative entries with people trying their hand at writing witty Limericks, playing Irish music and 'greening' themselves with our special St. Patrick's Day application on Facebook.

Enter today or vote for your favourite entrant at

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