Friday 28 February 2014

Chef Kesinee’s Galangal Cuisine at basil

Gaeng Khua Gai Bai Cha PhuThroughout March and April at basil, Chef Kesinee gets creative with galangal. Continuing her popular series of special menus that highlight the key ingredients of authentic Thai cuisine, she invites diners to explore a selection of truly exceptional dishes.

Known in Thai as kah. Galangal is a member of the ginger family and best known for lending its unique flavor to classic Thai dishes such as the soup, tom yam. In Chef Kesinee’s kitchen it is used sliced in soups, and pounded in a mortar and added to her fragrant curry pastes. The dense fibrous root has a fresh tangy flavor which is distinctly different from its cousin, ginger.
Lovers of refined Thai cuisine can begin their memorable dining experience with delightful appetizers such as mieng tuna nai dok bua, delicious light bites of seared tuna with toasted dried coconut and fresh ginger, chili, dried shrimp and an exotic sauce, all wrapped in lotus lobe. Chef Kesinee will also serve her interpretation of a north eastern Thai favorite, larb. Her spicy and succulent larb neau, which uses prime Angus beef with galangal and fresh mint instead of pork or chicken, elevates the humble dish to new heights. The perfect accompaniment to its robust flavors is the comforting tom kha hua plee goong, a spicy coconut and galangal-infused broth with Thai prawns and banana blossom.
Mieng Tuna Nai Dok BuaDiners can also enjoy the enticing poo grob phad prik kha ohnwok-fried soft shell crab with curry paste and young galangal, and see krong moo phad grapi kha ohn, stir-fried pork spare ribs with shrimp paste and spring galangal. Other exceptional dishes on the menu include pla hima kha ohn, flaky and delicately flavored steamed snow fish in a galangal and lime sauce, and gaeng khua gai bai cha phu, a beautifully aromatic Southern yellow curry with chicken and wild pepper leaves. The extraordinary meal ends with an irresistible dessert of kanom kai nok krasasteamed sago with a mung bean and galangal filling.
Join Chef Kesinee for dinner and enjoy memorable dishes from her special galangal menu.
basil is open for dinner from 18.00 - 22.30 hrs., Monday to Sunday. For reservations, please call 02 6498366 or visit our online store

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