Tuesday 3 March 2009

Finding The Way – The Poacher’s Way

The Poacher’s Way is a new collective of experiences that brings together local artists, chefs, winemakers, and rural hosts who each have an inspirational experience to share and fascinating story to tell.

Most of The Poacher’s Way members have made lifestyle decisions and changed career directions, locations and life – they’ve opted out of city life, stock markets, the land of multi nationals and a frantic pace to follow their dreams and create something for others to experience and enjoy.

The Poacher’s Way is a platform for 25 local businesses to showcase some of the best the region has to offer. The concept of Susan Bruce from Poachers Pantry, the collective evolved when she realised how many fantastic products and people there were in the region.

The lifestyle element is a one that is repeated time and time again with people like Andrew and Catherine Haskins from Podfood, Sue Butt from Geranium House near Hall and Annette Walters from The Globe Inn, Yass. They have all made conscious decision to create a better work-life balance, follow a passion or live in a rural community – and it’s a decision they couldn’t be happier with.

Catherine and Andrew Haskins created Podfood in 2005 in a deliberate attempt to create a better work-life balance so the couple could spend more time with their two small girls.

Geranium House Day Spa evolved after Sue Butt completed a massage course and started doing a bit of massage on the side when her children were young and she loved it. She could see how great it made people feel and became addicted.

For Annette Walters it was love at first sight when she saw the 1847 building know as The Globe Inn in the heart of historic Yass and running a B&B in country NSW is a long way from hectic days spent as a nurse in the busy health care sector where Annette used to spend her days.

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