Friday 1 October 2010

BridgeClimb Sydney Celebrates its 12th Anniversary

BridgeClimb Sydney is celebrating the 12th anniversary since opening its doors and allowing public access to the catwalks and ladders of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

From Peru to Eritrea, BridgeClimb has safely guided more than 2.5 million Climbers from 137 different countries and territories to the summit of Australia's icon since opening on 1st October 1998.

12 year old Ben Brown from Greystanes, NSW was excited to be able to climb on this special day which sees BridgeClimb Sydney match his age. Ben and his family sang happy birthday to BridgeClimb at the summit of the Bridge this morning.

BridgeClimb Sydney is today also celebrating the first birthday of the launch of the new Climb Base, Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre and The Express Climb. Last year The Express Climb joined BridgeClimb's two existing experiences, The Bridge Climb and The Discovery Climb and is the fastest way to the top in just 2 ¼ hours.

The launch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre saw the first fully accessible space situated in and dedicated to Australia's icon, with free entry and full disabled access. Visitors are welcome to immerse themselves in interactive exhibits, display galleries and a 46 seat digital high definition cinema devoted to sharing the stories of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from pre-construction to the present day.

Over the past twelve years BridgeClimb has made remarkable developments from the sole Day Climb experience originally offered to Climbers. Today everyone over the age of ten in good health has the choice to experience a Climb at Dawn, Day, Twilight or at Night.

BridgeClimb has also fashioned six generations of the world renowned BridgeSuit, introduced The Discovery Climb in 2006, celebrated its first Australian Tourism Award for 'Major Tourist Attraction' in 2007 and this year was voted one of the world's top 10 'Biggest Adrenaline Rush' experiences along with Pamplona's Running with the Bulls and Yosemite Valley's rock climbing in the USA.

BridgeClimb also launched Wedding Climbs in 2008 for couples who wish to exchange their vows at the summit of the Bridge and has now seen 10 couples tie the knot on the very unique wedding location.

BridgeClimb's Managing Director, Todd Coates, said "It has been a privilege over the last 12 years to make a hero of the Bridge and of every one of our customers".

Mr. Coates also recognised "the work of all BridgeClimb team members, present and past, in crafting the experience of a lifetime on the iconic and magnificent Bridge".

Whether it is watching the city awake, capturing the energy of the city during the day, taking in the romance of twilight, or the city at night, BridgeClimb offers a unique and memorable Sydney experience.

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