Thursday 14 October 2010

Korean Chef to Set Strathfield Taste Food Festival on Fire

Adelaide based Korean Australian chef Chung Jae Lee will be the celebrity chef star attraction at the inaugural Strathfield Taste International Food Festival at Strathfield Park on Sunday, 24 October, 2010.

Chef Lee, the owner of Mapo Korean Restaurant in Adelaide will be giving a series of live cooking demonstrations at the Strathfield Taste International Food Festival.

Lee, the winner of a 2010 'Award for Excellence' in South Australia will be cooking two entrees and one main course during his masterclass sessions at the Strathfield Taste International Food Festival.

Chef Lee hasn't completely decided what he will cook at the festival but said 'I'm thinking of Korean pancake for entrée and for the main I'll be making a Korean satay which is infused with Bacardi - so it will set alight when I cook it making it exciting for the audience'.

Thousands of Sydney foodies are expected to swell crowds in Strathfield Park for the Festival which is now part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival.

Korea Tourism Organization is a major sponsor of the event bringing Chef Lee to Sydney as well as promoting 'The Wonderful World of Korean Food' from its stall at the event.

'Korean Food is a big reason why so many travellers are visiting Korea these days and Korean restaurants in major cities around Australia are booming. The more Australians who try Korean cuisine the more that like it, and thus become more interested in the country, its culture, history and people' said Joon-kil Jo, Director of Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office.

Visitors to the Strathfield Taste International Food Festival will also have the opportunity to try a variety of Korean cuisine at various Korean food stalls as well as enjoy a taekwondo demonstration by Master Kang's Taekwondo Academy on the main stage at 1.40pm.

Strathfield is the heart of Korea in Sydney and has many great Korean restaurants in the surrounding streets like Bakehouse Garden, Bassim & Red Pepper to name a few.

Come to the Strathfield Taste International Food Festival and try for some Korean cuisine as well as enjoying the many activities that will take place at the event.

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