Thursday 7 October 2010

Five reasons why campervans are cool again

With the warmer weather fast approaching, campervan holidays offer the ultimate summer getaway on a budget. Bringing together the fun and adventure of the outdoors with the added benefit of a fully equipped home on wheels, campervans are no longer reserved for daggy family getaways. It appears that people are changing their attitudes towards the humble campervan holiday with a recent survey by campervan rentals company Jucy Rentals finding that 80 percent of respondents who hadn't previously been on a campervan holiday would consider it.

"At Jucy Rentals we love campervans and think other people should know how great they are too!" says Tim Alpe, co-founder of Jucy Rentals. "Here's our top five reasons why campas are cool again."

1. The freedom to explore at your own pace.

A holiday is meant to shake you out of a regular routine, so for those tired of sticking to your hour by hour itinerary, a campervan holiday is the perfect solution.

Rather than rushing through your holiday and constantly checking the time to ensure you haven't missed that transfer, campervans give you the chance to choose where you want to go, when you want to go. According to the survey conducted by Jucy Rentals, this was the most appealing aspect of a campervan holiday with 84.6 percent of respondents choosing this as one of the main reasons they would like to travel in a campervan.

2. Enjoying the outdoors.

We spend so much time talking about how important it is to get in touch with nature, but how many of us actually go out and enjoy it. Enter campervan holidays.

"Without the confines of a hotel compound, you would be silly not to take the opportunity to get into the thick of it – whether that's discovering a waterfall during a drive in the Atherton tablelands near Cairns or driving along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria," says Tim.

3. Not having to deal with hotels, airlines and all the rest.

Another appealing aspect of campervans, according to 35.5 percent the Jucy Rentals survey respondents, was not having to deal with the dramas of hotels, airlines and everything in between. Rather than spending time booking your trip step by step, a campervan holiday means that you can consolidate your travel and accommodation in one, making for a more flexible journey, whilst leaving you with the option to book as you go.

4. Modern comforts.

No longer the dodgy campervans of decades past, new campervans come equipped with all the modern luxuries to suit even the most fussy traveller, becoming a cool new way to explore the wonders of Australia.

"At Jucy, we know what our customers want and so we ensure that our campas come with everything they could possibly need. This includes DVD and MP3 players, double beds, a stove, fridge and even the kitchen sink!" says Tim.

5. Cheap and cheerful

"All else aside, campervans can be one of the most cost-effective ways to explore Australia in style – especially in a Jucy campa," says Alpe. Jucy Rentals campervans start from $39 a day (depending on the season), making them ideal for travellers on a budget.

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About JUCY

Having launched in January 2002 in New Zealand, Jucy Rentals is one of Australasia's fastest growing independent tourism companies. Founded by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe, Jucy has grown from 35 cars to a fleet of over 2200 vehicles. Jucy currently employs 130 energetic and youthful staff members in offices throughout New Zealand and Australia. Jucy entered the Australian market in 2008, bringing its vibrant campervans to streets all over Australia. Jucy Australia is located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Jucy New Zealand is located in Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Greymouth. In August 2010 Jucy opened its first Jucy Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.

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