Monday 20 June 2011

CHILL Reflexology & Acupressure - a Health Retreat with a Difference

Spas used to be devoted to getting away from it all. Now they are about getting back to something: a spiritual place designed to enhance physical well-being and stress relief.

This is the motivation behind CHILL, located on fashionable Jalan Kunti, Seminyak, at the front of The Villas, a customised retreat to experience the ancient art of reflexology.

At CHILL, popular natural healing techniques have been inspired by ancient wisdoms that draw on the practice of fingertip pressure to specific areas of the extremities to renew life-giving force and re-balancing the body.

CHILL is designed as a Zen-like sanctuary that resonates with ancient healings and its promise to de-stress and rejuvenate using reflexology and acupressure.

The techniques of reflexology and acupressure have evolved from ancient Eastern practices which are designed to stimulate and restore the natural healing forces of the mind body and spirit.

Upon arrival, guests are warmly greeted in true Balinese style and invited to chill out and relieve muscle soreness and surrender to the therapists intuitive touch to relive stiffness through acupressure therapy. Before heading into the expansive treatment salon, clients are comfortably seated with their feet gently placed on marble footbaths to be bathed and cleansed in cascading warm water in preparation of the treatment.

As the doors open to reveal the treatment room, a sense of calm is almost instantly achieved. CHILL is furnished with soft, stylish leather lounges that convert to luxurious armchairs for those having the classic reflexology treatment. Gossamer sheer curtains give a sensual and dreamy quality to the muted colours and hushed cream of the interior, whilst dividing the treatment areas.

I-pods are programmed for each guest to create a sense of being removed whilst adding an incredible dimension to the sensation of being completely indulged.

“Several guests told us they’d like a more therapeutic offering. Everyone can benefit from genuine relaxation and a healthier perspective of their overall well being, so we have designed the CHILL concept to offer a truly unique experience for holistic healing and total wellness,” said Spa Operations Manager Aleisha Lloyd.

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