Wednesday 1 June 2011

Koalas Need Flu Vaccines too!

As the cold weather closes in many of us contemplate whether or not we should see our doctor for a flu shot. For anyone who doesn’t like needles this can be a scary prospect but take heart!

Even with their fur coats and constant supply of eucalyptus, koalas are also vulnerable to colds and flu.

Yes, even koalas get the sniffles which are often accompanied by sneezing and coughing and just like us, they don’t enjoy being ill.

The humble cold can result in serious health complications in koalas so to prevent this they are about to receive their yearly vaccination from our resident veterinarian.

Just like us, some are braver than others but knowing that prevention is better than cure, we rigidly follow this protocol every year to keep our furry little friends happy and healthy.

“Since we began vaccinating our entire colony with the flu vaccine every year prior to winter, we have thankfully had very few pneumonia complications from simple flu cases,” said Galit Rawlinson, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Veterinarian.

“Both our very young koalas and the elderly are the most vulnerable just as in the human population.”

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