Wednesday 17 July 2013

Come in Spinner. Samsonite Firelite, the sexy new luggage.

It was a sad day. Black Sack had been with me for more than a decade, endured tortuous mountain ravines, stormy seas and endless mistreatment at the hands of airline ruffians and never let me down. But it was time to part ways. Blackie’s seams were frayed, retractable handle in a permanent brace and rollers in disagreement. Be proud Black Sack, you’ve served me well.

Blackie sat propped in the corner surveying the scene, crumpled tags still clinging vainly to the Velcro handles, while the gleaming replacement was unwrapped.

Spinner is the latest in Samsonite Firelite luggage technology, using what’s called ‘Curv’ material. It’s astonishingly light yet strong and attractive. Blackie, by comparison, looks like a deflated coal sack next to the high sheen finish and confident poise of Spinner, parading proudly on four multidirectional wheels and showing off a single (fastener free) telescopic handle. If Blackie was the trusty, brave Quasimodo, then Spinner is the Miranda Kerr of airline luggage.
The Firelite supermodel parade includes three sizes: 55, 69 and 75 centimetre, each with four silent wheels, two integrated handles, ID tag, water resistant PU coated zipper and three-digit TSA-friendly lock for secure travel to the USA.

Made in Europe using Samsonite’s patented Curv material, each case comprises a layer of woven polypropylene fabrics formed into self-reinforced composite sheets. Sexy, huh?

You’ll find your own slinky Samsonite Firelite Spinner at better luggage and department stores (I got mine from Myer) and just to show you how cool and indestructible these case are, watch the ad. We’ll be having lots of adventures for sure.

Sorry Blackie.

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