Thursday 4 July 2013

Peregrine Celebrates Arctic Brochure Launch With Up To 25% Off

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Polar-BearsWould-be Arctic adventurers now have a new bible in the shape of Peregrine’s 2014 Arctic brochure, which offers some of the world’s most incredible journeys through the region.   

With up to 25% off 2014 voyages booked before 31 July 2013*, clients could soon be paddling around glaciers, bumping into polar bears and minke whales, and navigating the waters surrounding Spitsbergen, Greenland, Iceland or  the Canadian Arctic.

“Being in the Arctic is like starring in your very own wildlife documentary,” said Erica Hazen, Peregrine’s Polar Operations Coordinator, “and you can watch it all unfold with mountains in the background and glacier ice changing shape on the water before your very eyes.”

Among Peregrine’s most popular polar trips is the 11-day Spitsbergen Explorer, which takes in Isbukta-calvingsome spectacular wildlife - including, polar bears, beluga whales, reindeer and a bounty of seabirds – while cruising around Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.

Another favourite is the 14-day Spitsbergen, East Greenland & Iceland tour – a unique adventure that takes in a wide range of Arctic landscapes, wildlife and culture, from the streets and hot pools of Reykjavik to the wild surrounds of the Greenland Sea and Denmark Strait.

As well as the old faithfuls, Peregrine’s brand new trips also offer a slew of incredible Arctic experiences. Whether it’s the Greenland to Churchill , which travels into the depths of the Arctic; the Greenland and Canada’s High Arctic voyage; or the Baffin Island Explorer via Fury and Hecla Glacier– clients can expect an other-worldly adventure.

“Spitsbergen experiences 24-hours of daylight and a call could come in about a minke whale sighting at any time – so be prepared to run out in your pyjamas to have a look!” said Hazen.

“The Arctic really is like another world, and we hope the 25% off sale encourages more people to get out there and see it.”

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