Saturday 7 June 2014

Exceptional Eco-Tourism Offer in Vang Vieng, Laos, for Riverside Boutique Resort Guests

Under an innovative partnership with Green Discovery Laos and Organic Farm, Riverside Boutique Resort is now making available to its guests a new and enlarged menu of eco-tourism activities in Vang Vieng. 

These activities range from the easy walk through ethnic villages, suitable for guests of all ages, to kayaking and hot rock climbing tours targeting the sports-oriented visitors.

Riverside Boutique Resort guests can book these activities directly at the hotel with very special discounts as high as 15% over the regular Green Discovery rates!

Guests at Riverside Boutique Resort will now have access to a large menu of exciting eco-tourism activities during their stay in Vang Vieng, Laos.  In partnership with two pioneers of eco-tourism, Green Discovery Laos and Organic Farm, Riverside Boutique Resort is making available to them, starting this week, eight exciting excursions as well as a cooking class.

Riverside Boutique Resort's guests will benefit from exceptional discounts as high as 15% over the regular Green Discovery rates!

To access the full catalogue of eco-activities with prices and recommendations, click HERE

Great and easy half-day tour in the surroundings of Vang Vieng to visit ethnic villages and learn about the cultural differences between lowland Lao and the Khmu people. You will then explore the famous Tham Chang cave and enjoy a great lunch at the Organic Farm. Prices start at US$23/pers.

This hiking tour takes you to an amazing variety of caves and introduces you to the thrill of cave exploration! Get the fantastic opportunity to meet and chat with local people and get an insight into their daily way of live.  Prices start at US$17/pers.

The spectacular views of Vang Vieng and its limestone peaks are legendary. This trekking tour will take you to some of the more remote places that even many of the locals are not aware of. You will pass a hidden 'secret' valley and visit some impressive caves along the way. Prices start at US$26/pers.

This trip is a true delight for cycling enthusiasts! You will ride on a mountain bike amidst rice fields and along dirt paths before arriving in some more rugged and steep terrain where you will take a short hike to visit the sacred 'Golden Crab' cave.  Prices start at US$25/pers.

This tour combines all the activities that Vang Vieng is famous for, including kayaking on the beautiful Nam Song River. You will explore the beautiful rural scenery and amazing limestone caves, and swim in crystal clear spring waters.  Rates start at US$20/pers.

Looking for an exciting alternative to mere road travel between Vang Vieng and Vientiane? This trip offers a good adventure on one of the most scenic rivers in northern Laos! The river offers great kayaking, a cliff jumping and is also home to some thrilling rapids. Rates start at US40/pers.
Rock climbing enthusiasts from the hardcore to the novice alike will enjoy the plethora of climbing available - from world class to simple, Vang Vieng has it all!  Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and professional instructors, everyone will enjoy the adventure. Rates start at USD$21/pers.

Vang Vieng Challenge
Go for a 'real' trek, descend steep mountain slopes, rise to the challenge of a dare-devil 'abseiling' in a 120 m waterfall, and cross the mind-blowing 'via ferrata'! This adventurous climb will ultimately reward you with incredible mountain views. Rates for this activity will be available soon.

In addition to the tours organized with Green Discovery, Riverside continues to offer the popular cooking class at Organic Farm.  This half-day activity is for anyone who wants to discover Lao cooking and learn how Lao people grow their crops and raise their animals. Rates start at US$31/pers.

Our partner, Green Discovery Laos:

With many years of experience, Green Discovery is the most highly regarded adventure and eco-tourism tour operator in Laos. Be it a search for adventure or immersion in scenic tranquility, Green Discovery has ensured that all its excursions and holidays are suited to the most discerning travellers. While making safety a priority in whatever activity is involved, Green Discovery also does its utmost to adhere to internationally recognized principles of eco-tourism. Tourism activities in rural and protected areas are designed to avoid, or at least to minimize, negative impacts. They are directed towards the conservation of natural and cultural resources, rural socio-economic development, and the visitors' understanding of the local culture and environment.

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