Saturday 28 June 2014

Tiger Curry’s Secret Sauce Recipe is SWEET… SPICY…GOOD!

Newly opened Tiger Curry is already the talk of the town with customers lining up for a taste of Chef 
image006 (1)Satoru’s mouthwatering creations.

Chef Satoru believes his secret sauce recipe, which features unexpected ingredients such as mandarin and mango chutney, is the key to Tiger Curry’s success with the already renowned SWEET… SPICY… GOOD! flavor championing taste buds across the city. A blend of 26 Osaka-sourced spices (compared to the usual five), Satoru’s coveted sauce was three years in the making. “I chose to work with spice masters in Osaka, the home of Japanese curry, to ensure the best quality ingredients and finest flavor for our sauce,” he says. Each batch takes several days of ultra-slow cooking to create but the results are worth the wait – the flavor speaks for itself and Tiger Curry is proud to declare itself MSG free.

Tiger Curry offers several delectable options for pairing with the moreish sauce including tender Shabu Shabu Beef (HK$78), crispy Deep Fried Kurobata Pork Chop (HK$95) and succulent Jumbo Prawn (HK$90). For those who prefer a milder flavor, the Hash Beef Rice ($88) is a sweet and tangy alternative.

In addition to its coveted sauce, Tiger Curry serves a range of outstanding appetizers and delicious desserts – the gooeyCrispy Cheesy Mochi (HK$38) is the perfect prelude to a meal whilst the unusual Sea Salt Japanese Ice-Cream (HK$34) remains the most popular way to round up a Tiger Curry experience.

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