Tuesday 7 September 2010

Forbidden City's Phase One Expansion Complete

Aside from the Great Wall, the Forbidden City is China's most famous
tourist destination. Receiving tens of thousands of visitors per day it
get to be a pretty crowded city. To alleviate the congestion, the Chinese
government has just completed restoration and opening of previously closed
sections of the palace.

The central axis of the Forbidden City has long been open, but its
thousands of courtyards on the sides have been mainly closed. The
renovations have concentrated on opening these previously closed
courtyards. The courtyards had been occupied by government institutions
who have been relocated.

Tour groups tend to follow the central axis through the Forbidden City
which can get congested. The China Guide ( takes its
visitors off the main trail and allows time to explore the newly opened
courtyards in the Forbidden City, which are missed by most groups as they
rush through.
"We do not put a time pressure on our clients and allow them to meander
through the Forbidden City's hidden rooms and museums with the help of our
guide. Its when I get out of the crowds and am standing in a quiet
courtyard I can imagine the history that must have occurred there. I like
sitting on a bench looking at the worn pavement stones and classical
architecture. In this quiet environment the people who passed their lives
here and the events that occurred can be felt" comments Peter Danford, the
American owner and manager of The China Guide.

The China Guide's tours run on a flexible time schedule allowing guests to
linger in places they find interesting. Tours are mainly private, with
guides and drivers trained in the finer aspects of western style service.

A western owned and managed travel agency, The China Guide aims to treat
its guests like family. There are no factory shopping stops, meals are in
quality local restaurants, guides are carefully screened and client
satisfaction is the priority.

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