Tuesday 14 September 2010

Unique Jungle Yoga, Elephant & Spa Experience

Blending the attractions of a breathtaking Golden Triangle setting with an on-site Elephant Camp and sumptuous Anantara Spa, Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa combines three signature activities in the launch of a unique Jungle Yoga, Elephant & Spa Experience.

Designed to help yoga enthusiasts of all stages take their practice to spirit enhancing new levels, this unique wellness journey comprises a tranquil elephant trek, energising yoga class and deeply relaxing spa experience.

Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa is renowned for its magnificent views of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos' misty hills with the mighty Mekong River meandering in between. Indeed the resort's enthralling Elephant Camp activities, cultural experiences and luxurious Spa treatments are all complemented by this majestic panorama, with the resort's newest activity combination taking the concept of interactive attractions to inspirational new heights.

Elephants have long held a place in ancient ritual and meditation for both the Brahmin and local Buddhist traditions due to their calm nature, rhythmic pace and unhurried breath. Such peaceful attributes create a serene and prestigious start to the Jungle Yoga & Elephant Experience. Guests climb atop their trusty steed to enjoy a leisurely trek through the resort's bamboo forest and stunning landscaped grounds to the al fresco yoga sala, with their swaying pace coaxing clarity of mind as riders unwind to a lofty Golden Triangle vista.

Arriving in majestic jungle style, guests leave their travelling companion to graze as they enter the tranquil yoga sala surrounded by lush rice paddies. From this peaceful natural haven, an hour long yoga class takes place, in which 'asana' postures and breathing techniques encourage the body's vital flow of energy and circulation to improve, alongside a wealth of flexibility, strengthening and realignment benefits.

After the yoga session's deeply meditating final relaxation pose, guests are invited to refresh with a healthy Spa lime beverage to aid the natural cleansing process, before riding back through rolling countryside feeling fully rejuvenated by this truly unique joint adventure.

Culminating in the ultimate relaxing finale, body, mind and spirit are treated to sublime indulgence with a complimentary 15 minute tension relief massage at Anantara Spa, accompanied by a 20% discount on all treatments booked throughout each guest's stay.

To find our more and to reserve your unique Jungle Yoga & Elephant Experience, please contact Anantara Spa at Anantara golden Triangle Resort and Spa Tel: 053-784-084

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