Wednesday 6 March 2013

Swim Among the World's Largest Accumulation of Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks off Mexico
In July and August this year, a team of whale shark experts from travel company Aqua-Firma, will head to the Caribbean seas off of Mexico in search of the largest known annual accumulation of the World's largest fish: the Whale Shark. If you are a confident swimmer, then you can join them, snorkelling in search of these gentle plankton eaters, helping the research team to identify individuals via the pattern of their unique and beautiful spot patterns.

This photograph is typical of many aerial survey shots taken over the area where this trip will operate. An image taken from higher altitude (600m) captured 220 whale sharks within one frame and on occasions past, more than 400 have been spotted in a single survey. Whilst sightings can never be guaranteed, local researchers believe that the end of July and early August is an optimum period to go in search.

Dates 28th July – 4th Aug / 8th – 15th Aug (8 days)

Price £1,590 per person sharing excluding flights.

To satisfy the 'firma' in Aqua-Firma's brand name, those joining the team will have the chance to join a small group trip to see some of the best of what the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer by way of land based wildlife and Mayan civilisations. And for those who scuba dive, you can also join specialist dive boat trips to the World's second largest barrier reef in Belize, or Mexico's Sea of Cortez on the Pacific side of the country.

For further information, visit or call 01428 620012 / 0844 412 0848.

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